Frontier Restaurant

Frontier Restaurant

About Us

The Frontier Restaurant has happily served the Albuquerque area and the University of New Mexico community since 1971.

The Frontier Restaurant continues to be a safe and clean environment for college students to spend hours studying or just relaxing with great Frontier food after long study sessions.

Art Gallery

You might have noticed that the dining areas of the Frontier resemble an art gallery. The artworks on the walls were created by talented artists both local and national. Since the owners have grown so attached to these fine works, all art pieces have become permanent fixtures of the Frontier Restaurant.

What's up with all of the "Duke" portraits? The owners have always found this giant movie star of old to be a pillar of class and strength. Over the years, the restaurant has collected quite a few unique likenesses of this all time western hero.

Golden Pride

The Frontier's sister restaurant, Golden Pride, has been serving the Albuquerque area since 1973 and has become the best BBQ, Chicken and Ribs in town. Plus, they have 10 different types of breakfast burritos that are rapidly becoming as famous as the Frontier's breakfast burrito.

Golden Pride also carries the Frontier's famous Sweet Rolls, Tortillas, Green Chile Stew & Posolé

Visit Golden Pride's website for the complete menu and a list of locations